The Pinnacle on Adelaide

开发商:Pinnacle International   项目网站
建筑师:Hariri Pontarini Architects
室内设计师:Chapman Design Group
建筑物类别:High Rise
单元面积大小:From 594 Sq. Ft. To 1047 Sq. Ft.
建筑物面积:43 storeys
物业管理费:$0.51 Per Square Foot Per Month
位置:295 Adelaide St W, Toronto, Ontario
地址:295 Adelaide St W
Toronto Ontario  M5V 1P7



From The Pinnacle on Adelaide:

Perhaps you’ll choose The Pinnacle on Adelaide for its exclusive living accommodations and unrivaled location. Or for the high-design aesthetic that permeates the spaces, both public and private. Or possibly what you’ll find most irresistible are the luxurious amenities. But we imagine it will be the sum of all these things - the total experience - that will burrow into your psyche and not let go.



Workout Facilities | Party Room with Kitchen Facilities | 24-hour concierge | Pool | Whirlpool | Sauna | Movie Screen Room | Rooftop Terrace | Multi Purpose Lounge

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Pinnacle_Residence 01_Floors 12-15   Pinnacle_Residence 01_Floors 12-42   Pinnacle_Residence 02_Floors 12-42   Pinnacle_Residence 03_Floors 12-39   Pinnacle_Residence 04_Floors 12-15   Pinnacle_Residence 04_Floors 16-42   Pinnacle_Residence 05_Floors 12-15   Pinnacle_Residence 05_Floors 16-42   Pinnacle_Residence 06_Floors 12-15   Pinnacle_Residence 06_Floors 16-42   Pinnacle_Residence 07_Floors 12-15   Pinnacle_Residence 07_Floors 16-42   Pinnacle_Residence 08_Floors 12-15   Pinnacle_Residence 08_Floors 16-39   Pinnacle_Residence 09_Floors 12-15   Pinnacle_Residence 09_Floors 16-42   Pinnacle_Residence 10_Floors 14-15   Pinnacle_Residence 10_Floors 16-42   Pinnacle_Residence 11_Floors 12_14_15   Pinnacle_Residence 11_Floors 16-42   Pinnacle_Residence 12_Floors 12-15  
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